What We Do

Dr. Mapes and Dr. Thieman have a combined total of over 30 years experience in research and intervention work related to stress and recovery with a wide variety of people. We use methods that are extensively supported by research (analysis of heart rate variability, heart rate, respiration, motion, sleep recovery, et. al.) to help people identify their stressors and evaluate their recovery during leisure and sleep.

Our process begins and ends with the use of the FirstBeat Lifestyle Assessment. To complete the Lifestyle Assessment, we ask our clients to wear a heart rate monitor for approximately five days. We ask the five days include a mixture of work and off days, this allows us to help you assess your lifestyle more comprehensively.

For more information on the FirstBeat Lifestyle Assessment, you can check out the FirstBeat Informational page here: https://www.firstbeat.com/en/wellness-services/individual-wellbeing/